Aurora Action

  So I got a heads up from one of my sister old friends to look up and get my camera loaded….I might get some Aurora action tonight! So, at 7:30pm, We loaded up the truck, movie in hand for Bella and we drove North.

  This time the Northern Lights were not as intense and as close as the last ones. Still, they are an amazing  natural phenomenon that will please my eye every time!
  While I was waiting for the lights for make some nice formations, Lucio and I heard something. Coyotes howling. I quickly put my camera into Video Mode and tried recording them howling.You can’t see anything in the video, but if you put the volume a little louder than usual you will hear them howling.Unfortunately we were somewhat near the highway so you hear the humming of the freight trucks.
  After this video Lucio asked me to howl so I did and they stopped!! haha. I turned to Lucio and said “Imagine they come here now, I sound more like and animal in distress..”

  We waited and waited, the Northern Lights were getting dimmer and dimmer, So we started looking for stars instead. Its so nice to see stars. Not the light polluted ones from the city, but the actual Milky Way.
While trying to actually get this photo, we heard something. I looked at Lucio and asked him if heard that also, and he agreed and said YUP THERE IS SOMETHING OVER THERE! We waited a little to see if were heard the crunching steps of something coming closer. and YUP, we heard it again. uuuuugh………ya, I’m outta here! So I  snapped a couple last shots of the lights and packed up my gear and jumped in the truck. As soon as we did that, and turned around, Lucio saw the Coyote in the field. Sneaky little bugger!! haha

Anyways………………..We dove a little more north so see if we could get a closer look and this is what is was.

I was thinking, we drove 30 min for this……. oh well. I got back in the car and thought, better luck next time.

Driving back we stopped cause there was a White Tail Buck crossing the road (we don’t want to hit another one) and I looked back and to my amazement, this is what I saw….
So purdy!!! 
After this, I ran back in the truck (cause we stopped on the highway) and we drove back home. The rest of the way home, we barely saw them. I wonder if anyone else did, cause it was only 10pm. 
Regardless, there is always next time.

Hope you all enjoy them. Thanks Angie for the tip, I’ll be waiting for the next dispatch message.

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