”Biggest Full Moon in Decades”

Last November, Lucio and I went out for sushi, and while we were walking out of the restaurant I noticed how clear the sky was, and how beautiful the moon looked. When we got home, I made a mad dash up the stairs and into my office to grab my equipment and started setting up in the living room. I was so scared a cloud would come and steal my view…and I was on a mission to capture it before. After fiddling with the tripod legs, adjusting the settings on my DSLR and trying to keep my lenses from my one year old. I was ready!!

 I was happy with the end result considering that I have never successfully taken a picture of the moon (All my previous attempts were with a point & shoot and I got out of that was a blurry mess) and I did not have a great deal of lenses. 

When I heard/read that there was going to be a bigger moon, I was eager to take the picture and this time ace it. My lens collection is still limited, but growing. The shot I got on Saturday, March 20, 2011 at 4:14:43AM, I believe is better that in November.

 I’m dead set on getting an amazing picture of the moon. I’ve decided that I’m going to build a rocket and fly to the moon, just so I can take a picture and post it here on my blog. But…….until then, I guess I’ll look into getting a better lens to take a closer picture. 🙂

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