Sunshine in Ontario.

This was my second time out to Alexandria, Ontario to do a photo shoot with my old friend April and her beautiful family. After a week of postponing and rescheduling due to cloudy days and rainy days. FINALLY!!! The Weather Network called for blue skies. I didn’t waste a moment, the phone call to book the date and I was out the door! Poof!! An hour and 10 minutes later I was there!

The three youngest of the five children were home with Mom when I arrived pre-noon (I’m not sure if that is a word) and Aiden the youngest little boy was so happy to see my daughter Bella. A little crush, I think so.

After dousing ourselves in bug spray, we ventured out to the back where we had over a half acre of backyard and forest as our backdrop to this wonderful session.

This beautiful little girl, Briella, just turned one last month.

Briella is so quick on her feet after just learning how to walk. One moment shes trying to grab the camera lens, the next shes on the other side of the yard looking for trouble.

Aiden is such a cutie. At four years old, this head strong little man has an opinion on pretty much everything. Especially….Girls are gross!

Who would have known that he would have a soft spot. Aiden has a set of toy cars he won’t share with anyone but my little Bella. 
Baby Crush…..
When he wasn’t trying to impress my daughter, he was right in front of the camera asking me to take more and more pictures of him. 

After having a bad experience with a school photographer, Keira (6 years old), has become quite shy/grumpy infront of the Camer. Almost avoiding it at all costs.  :p I think its cute.

She is quite the opposite off camera. She’s jumping on me, wants to see the photos I took of her. She checks them out and then chooses which ones are her favorites. Keira is such a beautiful girl that even in the short amount of time shes okay with letting me take some photos of her, SHE SHINES!!!

Damion (10 years old) and Angel (9 years old) are the oldest.

Damion and Angel


They are the two that help out Mom and Dad the most with chores around the house and keeping an eye on their younger siblings.

Angel is a little motherly at times. Shes loves carrying around her baby sister Briella and When Bella is around its all hugs and kisses.

 Damion is a bit of a comic. Always putting on a show or making a joke. He brightens up the room.

This family is so full of color! The parents are the canvas and the children………are most definitely the paint. So full of life. I remember joking around with my siblings like they do. Always something going on. 🙂 Big families ROCK!!!






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  • apryl - I LOVE IT!!!! <3
    Love the way you out the pix together and the words said about us!!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jana - OK, attempt #2 as my last one went berserk…
    I was saying:

    J'ADORE! Mygad that is natural talent woman. And Apryl's kids really shine in front of the camera. Just beautiful all round. (Now why can't I be half as photogenic, all's I'm asking if for like one "pretty" shot)


    Oh, skype is a go, btw: "JanaJr81".

    miss you guys.

    ANd what's "select a profile"? what am i supposed to do? I just put anonymous…ReplyCancel

  • Belle Esprit Photography - Hey Jana!! I have no Idea. I have a Google account. So lets say this comment I am leaving now, it says comment as: and I just selected my Belle Esprit Photography (Google) account. I think other peeps use "Anonymous". So complicated"Sigh" 😛 Thank for the compliments though! Aprils children are SOOO photogenic and lovely. They are growing up so fast! "Sigh#2" You are photogenic WOMAN! lol SKYPE!! perfect Ill add you ASAP! xoxoReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Another winner Blog with amazing pics and a wonderful story to go along with it 🙂 Congratulations on another successfull photo shoot :)))ReplyCancel

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    • cnadeau - Thank you, I will check into that… 😀ReplyCancel