Padrick Kane

Amanda never had any complications with her pregnancy throughout her nine months of carrying her precious little boy, but on February 7th that all changed. She went in for a routine check up to see what progression was made (dilation/effacement), considering that she was due on the 10th, and being pretty close to the end and all should’ve be great. Unfortunately the doctor told them the baby heart beat was a little week and that they needed to go to the hospital right away, but that the was no danger.

At 11am they arrived at the hospital and baby’s heart rate was at 80 when it should’ve been at 120. So they did and ultrasound to make sure everything was OK. They gave Daddy Marc the o.k. and he went to park his truck. He returned to find that they had put Amanda in another room and told her that they were going to get her ready in an hour to have the baby. He proceeded to ask Amanda “why are they not still monitoring the baby’s heart rate??” The doctor told her that there is nothing to worry about….. Marc knew that this was a horrible judgment call on their behalf and took it upon himself to seek out a nurse to demand that they put back the monitor. The nurse that he found agreed and they went back to room and that’s when their world was turned upside down. They couldn’t find the heart beat again!!!!! …. Amanda was rushed for an emergency C-section….and it took them over 8 minutes to get him out and revived.

I can’t imagine what its like to wake up, and to find out your baby boy has been taken to the Children’s Hospital (a different hospital) and who’s health status is unknown.

The day after Facebook groups were made, friends were rallied and hearts were crying for the pain that this family was in. We were all praying for the fairy tail ending that these loving parents and innocent baby boy needed and deserved.

WHY DID THIS HAPPEN!! HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED???  The doctors didn’t have any answers.

On February 8th, 10:30am the doctors told them Baby PK might not last the next 48 hours and that they need to start filling out papers and prepare for the worst. Baby Boy had gone 12 minutes without Oxygen and the extend of the damage was unknown. He was on a respirator. He was having seizures, He was on a cooling pad and the nurses on staff were crying. He had kidney and liver damage and the list went on.

Daddy and PK

On February 10, The doctors couldn’t understand what was happening. Baby PK was breathing on his OWN getting 100% co2 by himself!! He finally opened his eyes and also did his first peepee, so his kidneys, which they said where 90% damage, were repairing themselves.

February 11th, PK is out of ICU.. 

Mommy reading PK a book.

As the days went on, the news kept on getting better and better.  And on February 12th, Mommy was finally able to hold her baby boy.

Mommy, Daddy, Daughter and Son.

 On February 24th, PK went home.

The status of baby is always being updated day to day. For more information on the status of Baby Padrick Kane and the full story, click Here

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