Smart little birdies….

I think I have birdie bullies. I wish they were the Disney kind (cute / blue and sit on my hand while I sing), but unfortunately I am a horrible singer and these birds are garbage pickers. 🙁 This past Monday I found a bunch of them sitting in front of my house planning their attack!!!

Even the little one hiding in the wires!! I see you.

Not long after my discovery…..they all flew for cover…. I think they saw me.

AH HA!! I have evidence!!

But later that night I found their little tracks in front of my door. What they were up to…I’m not quite sure, but I’m watching you little birdies!!

Ha ha. I really didn’t know what to blog about, so I figured anything is better than nothing. 😛

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  • Anonymous - you better hope they don't have access to the internet…..they might hack your computer, and continue your blog…..ReplyCancel

  • Belle Esprit Photography - OMG!!! Ha ha ha!ReplyCancel

  • DragonflyJay - so cute!!! I love your story and your photos are amazing!!!!!ReplyCancel