A time to share…

So, as some people might know, I’ve been debating starting a blog for some time now. In the past I have never really had something that was really worth writing about, so I never really saw the sense in starting a blog. After watching Jasmine Star’s tutorial, I realized that I DO have something to share with the world. My photography!!!

I’ve been a photography enthusiast for some time now, but just I recently took the dive to become a professional. I believe I have what it takes to be a successful photographer. I HAVE THE GOODS!! Well, the goods are quite expensive, but I feel like I have the talent/ the eye (whatever you may call it)…for seeing the little moments worth remembering.

Well, This is my first blog…stay tuned for more random blogs… 🙂

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  • Janet - First Follower – Booyeah!

    Good job Chrissie. Karine & I were debating starting one too a while back but realized "What the he'll do we have to say !?!"

    Kudos on making it happen kid!ReplyCancel

  • Belle Esprit Photography - Thanks So much Jana! If you make a blog Ill follow you… 🙂 I like the way you write!

    YAY! your my first follower!! you rock! xoxoReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - i tried to be the first (sad face).lol not important, im so proud of Chrissie. i hope to read some more Belle Esprit Photography blogs.!!!!!
    love lucio!!ReplyCancel